A long time ago down on the bayou, Denise and David Alcantara were born. They were raised in a New Orleans suburb called Metairie, growing up just a few miles apart. David and Denise went to the same middle school for four years and then they lost touch for a while.

During those years, David worked a variety of positions, in a multitude of restaurants in and around his home. He also spent time observing and assisting his Grandma Boudreaux, Grandma Alcantara, and his mother, Marian, cooking in the old Cajun/Creole style, using those old seasoned cast-iron pots.

While David was busy with all that, Denise was learning on her own. She developed her kitchen chops cooking for family gatherings of up to 150 very picky people. She has developed a style that allows her to prepare a variety of dishes of many different cultures. Denise can take what is in the kitchen and make a delicious meal in no time!

A few years ago, David and Denise made contact after 35 years, got married, and are living happily ever after! Of course, they would be even happier catering your special gathering!

Chattown Catering was founded to bring their unique and varied style to you. We can prepare a menu unique to your desires, be it culturally based, such as Italian or our delectable Cajun/Creole cuisine, Classic American, or anything in between. Once you try the food from Chattown Catering, you will wish you had ordered more!